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Sonny is a French artist, born in 1982.

He starts learning piano at 5 and followed a high school music schedule,

both in classical and Jazz music. 

By the age of 13, Sonny starts composing melodies,Very influenced by Ray Charles, B.B King, Lucky Peterson and of course Stevie Wonder,  it doesn’t take too long

to start singin. 

He starts a professional musician career at 18 years old, playing piano and accompany singers as much as possible. 

Notably the opening act of the Casino Ruhl in Nice as a trio, the first Sonny Axell Trio.

During the summer of 2007, he met an American Singer Sugar Blue and over  years he played with him in many venues around the world.  Sugar Blue’s music had an enormous influence on Sonny’s style and it was through Sugar Blue’s guidance and advices that Sonny developed his own style of music and decide to realize his own work.

In 2010, Sonny recorded his first album « Ready » in Los Angeles, California at the Pig Sound studio.

Producing this album gave him the opportunity to include original material he had written and to sing them. 

Then In 2014, he appeared alongside Ute Lemper in the Woody Allen film “Magic in the Moonlight” for a live piano performance.




In 2015, the second album is on his way to get recorded and Sonny had the good fortune to play at 55 annual Juan Les Pins Jazz & Blues festival (July 14, 2015).  During his 2 concerts, he performed all his own original music that included –  “Loves Wild-Crazy Ride”, “Night Time Lady”,  “Empty Faces”, “Little Boy Dreams”, “Kick Back”, “It’s who I Am”, “One Way Ticket”,  “I Don’t Get It” and “Ready” one of the tracks from his first Album.  As the songs were performed for the first time before an audience their reaction and acceptance toward his outstanding performance was an amazing experience to witness.

This second Album, recorded in France in live audio and video condition at Studio 26, is called « Kickback ». A true Live opus realized in 2 days, that’s a performance!

If you like Rhythm and Blues, funky stuff with a taste of modern Jazz  on top, you should keep an ear on it, we call it « Funky Contemporary Jazz ». Cool , isn’t it?